Groovy Cardio

Groovy Cardio Work Out: Warm up: Toe taps to front w/wrist flicks side to side Heel to front w/wrist flicks up Toe twists Hoola Hoops Ham curls, one leg at a time with elbow bends March Arm circles Open hip toe tap Side steps Diagonal reaches Walk March Rope climbs Toe out front to opposite side Add arms (sciccors) Wide step touch arms swing to same side March Swim forward and back March Stomp stomp punch punch Repeat Shuffle forward and back (ALTERNATE LEGS) Add a knee Shuffle to the side Add the disco finger March Add both hands disco Know disco behind the back Bounce on the toe 10s hop on toes for advanced (dont leave the ground) 10s March Repeat Broken V-step or Lunges Wide march Jabs (w/ or w/o march) Front Kicks Side Kicks Back kicks 3-way kick Punching bag Repeat Cool Down and Balance/co-ordination Arm out to the side “pat the dog” Twist the wrist “Seat belt” Bring to the shoulder, down across the body to the hip “Out” to the opposite side “You’re Rich” arm up in the arm Add a Knee Hold for balance 3s