Circuit Training 2

Circuit Ideas Rotating Stations Have 3-5 participants at each station, rotate clockwise 
Example stations: Station 1: High knees Station 2: Push-ups (on toe or knees) or wall push ups Station 3: Jumping jacks (high or low intensity options) Option 1: Tap foot out to the side Option 2: Jump with both legs out with arms overhead Station 4: Triceps (wall push ups with elbows by your side, with weights standing, with weights lying down, or using body weight) Station 5: Steam engines (standing abdominal twist) Station 6: Bicep curls Team “Take-Its” Divide the group in two sides; one side starts in an exercise; as soon as one member of the other side yells “take-it” the group switches Example cardio intensity: Fast-feet Jumping jacks High knees Standing rope climb Lunge and push Steam engine Example strength exercises: Bicep curls Triceps Shoulder rows Chest flies Squats Lunges Hamstring curls Group Circuit Have all participants complete an exercise in a given time frame*